Friday, July 4, 2014


So this week I came home from work only to find out that my Blogger account had been disabled. I've heard many bloggers (most of them book bloggers) warn those using Blogger that this could happen. Blogger will just up and delete your blog marking it as SPAM. I asked to appeal this, but in the mean time, decided to go forward with using WordPress, something I had toyed with since I got this blog. I did get my blog back, but I do not want to risk this happening again, so I have officially moved to WordPress.

I have tried to contact all the authors, publishers, and blog hosting sites, to make them aware of the move, since I know I have events coming up. If I did happen to forget you, and you come to this blog, please know I'm very, very sorry. Please use the link to my new blog, and update your information.

Enchanting Reads Is Now On WordPress!

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